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Discover the Wonders of Bird Watching

Advantages of the window bird feeder

Birds are lovely. We mostly hear them on our yards and sometimes take a look at them from afar if we place feeders where they can come and eat. But we’ve never been able to have them this close!

One of the advantages of this clear window bird feeder is that they can start coming real close. That means that we can better glance at these usually cute birds that are commonly too small and delicate to see them properly. The transparent material is a perfect way to watch them at ease, and we could even set a camera that would record their fast movements! We can also study them and notice which birds live in your neighborhood, all from a comfortable spot at home.

Depending on the direction your window is facing and the time of the year, different species may come. It will be at its best in spring and summer when flowers bloom, and temperatures are not too cold.

Why attracting birds is a good thing

Attracting and feeding wild birds can cause a good overall result. In a way, it-s like birds have a job in the ecosystems. They eat little insects and slugs and keep plague numbers regulated. They plant seeds, too; while flying around, they will eat fruits and then seed their waste as they come and go.

Birds are not only beautiful and agreeable, but they are also essential workers in every environment, and relevant processes depend on their well-being. We can learn much about them at the same time we appreciate their presence. They are starting to notice the differences between species, their particular characteristics, unique manners and needs.

Importance of birds in the ecosystem

You can tell the health of a natural place by the number of birds you can hear and see. They are a good indicator of wildlife. That’s also why we encounter them on our national symbols and history.     People throughout civilizations have taken care of and worship them as their own identity.

Bad environmental practices proceeded by climate change and all kinds of pollution are making habitats endangered. They no longer have enough places to live, reproduce and resources for their survival scarce. Their population is being reduced, and they are sometimes very dependent on a few protected areas.

How to attract more birds into your garden?

There are multiple ways you can improve your garden so it can become a great place for birds to hang out. Remember that the feeder will work way faster if birds can spend time or even live close to it. More birds will start to come, and you will be part of their routine.

One of the most important ways to attract wild birds closer to your home is to consider they need shelter. Trees and parks will hold most of the amounts of birds because they offer habitat and enough protection. But if your garden has tall plants and little trees where they can enjoy the shade, the bird will fly around and interact with each other right there. Besides, some of them even take seeds and go to some branches to continue eating their food. A nice garden that offers cover and safety from predators will function as a social place for this little wildlife. They will start to come closer and closer until they reach confidently into your zone. That way, you can easily watch them and enjoy the variety that will come.

Who would love this product?

These window mounted bird feeders are specially made to put right outside your window. So it’s strategically smart if there’s some safe way to get the birds closer to your home. If you already have a diverse garden with much life in it and diverse heights, it will work almost instantly. And if you don’t, you can still arrange it and take in more plants with branches and shelter that won’t make them feel exposed. It is the best project for ecology enthusiasts and environmental lovers and a perfect present for bird watchers, gardeners, and biologists. Also, cool for kids and makes them interested in science and nature.

Considerations that will make your feeders safe and more functional

There are a few more recommendations that you should care about.

It’s important to keep the feeders clean. Seeds should not stay too many days out; if they do, humidity can grow toxic mold, and birds will no longer eat them. Avoid the waste to build up inside because harmful accumulated bacteria could cause diseases that could be fatal for birds. For that, these plastic-designed feeders are very easy to wash with just water and a non-toxic soap mix. Don’t let the moisture and rain ruin the feeding material. Check them from time to time, at least once a week.

Everything has to be way above the ground where other animals cannot reach them. Like the water you provide. Water is a critical element that should keep at a close distance. That would keep birds from going thirsty and work as a small bathing place for the little ones. It needs to be always fresh and clean, as their food and protected from too much sun and freezing temperatures. It works way better if the water container it’s somehow shallow and has some form of the border, where they can stand and hold tight and not just slide over.

Also, you’ll notice some seed material might fall to the ground from your feeders, like seed husks, which some birds leave as they eat. Our recommendation is to clean it up frequently; otherwise, it could attract other kinds of animals we don’t want at home, like little mice. That would love to come and eat too, and that sometimes could even scare the smaller birds.

A safe place for local species can boost up their number if we take care of their health. Take a look at what birds come you could end up and a deeper understanding of nature. It can be a pleasant and enjoyable way to start a change just where you live.

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