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We want everyone to find that peace and serenity in nature, and we’re here to help with the journey. Try to create the perfect present for bird watchers, gardeners and biologists.
Also cool for kids and make them interested in science and nature.
Connect with nature to boost your well-being.

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Wholesale Window Bird Feeder From M&E

Model: M-WB18

SIZE:11.8" x 2.95" x 5.9"

Material: Acrylic

Model: M-WB19

SIZE:11.80" x 5.5" x 3.90"

With With Water Tray

Model: M-WB20

SIZE:11.8" x 5.2" x 4.0"

10.2" hang rope

Model: M-WB21

SIZE:11.0" x 11.0" x 4.5"

With Lovely Swing

Model: M-WB03

SIZE: 17*10*17cm

Round Configuration

Model: M-WB02

SIZE: 30*10*13cm

With PP&PE Lawn Piano Apperance

Model: M-WB12


With PP&PE Sward

Model: M-WB11


Model: M-WB16


Model: M-WB10


Model: M-WB08


Model: M-WB17


Material: Acrylic

Model: M-WB09


With drawer tray

Model: M-WB13


Material: Acrylic

Why Choose M&E For Custom Window Bird Feeder Supplier?





This bird feeder is awesome. The suction cups are extremely strong and will not come off of the window unless you intentionally want them to, and that still isn't easy. The plastic seems to stay bright and clear for the most part except for the top which needs cleaned from time to time.
These are sturdy and well made. They come with extra and very strong suction cups. Was very easy to set up. Initially we were bummed because the birds didn't seem to like it. But then we changed the bird seed and now they've been loving it! .
I love this feeder—sturdy, nice size, and easy to set up and fill. The birds love it, and we love watching the beautiful birds come to our bedroom window so close and clear. The food tray is removable and with water tray, making it easy to refill and to clean.


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    A Window to Serenity in Nature

    Here at M&E, we’re passionate about helping you connect with the beauty and serenity of nature and the great outdoors. That’s why since 2017, we have been creating custom solutions to bring the excitement of bird watching to your home. 

    Whether you’re a budding gardener, an expert biologist, or simply a curious bird watcher? Our clear window bird feeders offer a fascinating front-row seat to birds feeding in your area. There really is no better way to enjoy nature at home.

    Discover the Wonders of Bird Watching!

    If you are fascinated by wildlife or want to provide a safe space for birds, look no further than our mounted bird feeders. Observe bird habits, learn to recognize details of your favorite species, and listen to a range of unique chirping and singing like never before.

    Not Just Your Windowsill Bird Feeder

    Typical feeders offer a cozy and safe environment for birds to feed and relax, but rarely offer ways to observe your favorite neighborhood birds up close. Now thanks to our innovative clear acrylic housing, ergonomic design, and convenient suction cup mounting anyone can sit and experience the wondrous world of bird watchingfrom the comfort of their home. Complete with high-quality lightweight materials and convenient suction cupsyou can rest assured knowing your new friends are safe and secure even in extreme weather conditions.

    Connect With Nature From the Comfort of Your Own Home

    You will have a breathtaking view while drinking your morning coffee, sat enjoying the weather during the summer months, working from home, or even as you wake up. Our feeders also offer a fun and exciting way to get your kids interested in science, nature, and the importance of caring for our colorful feathered friends!

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